Teenager & Young Adult Classes

Personal Development Classes (Girls & Guys)
Modelling, Grooming and Deportment
Teenagers & Young Adults

Giving students the opportunity to gain self-confidence and poise that will last a lifetime

Modelling & Deportment
Do you want to be a model or just look like one?

Good deportment and body language can say so much about you.  Knowing how to walk and move helps you look good and feel good, no matter what size or height you are.  Choreographed routines during classes also help with coordination skills.

Looking your best every time

Presenting yourself on every occasion in the best possible light takes work and dedication.  Skin Care, Makeup, Manicure and Hair are all covered during classes together with regular nail inspections.  Knowing what to wear and dressing appropriately for the occasion is also covered and just as importantly what not to wear.

Other aspects covered during relevant age group classes:
* Photographic Poses
* Interviews and Audition Skills
* Voice and Microphone Techniques
* Day and Evening Makeup
* Hygiene
* Social Etiquette
* Cat Walk
* Positive Attitudes

All students in classes have a one to one personal appraisal and assessment with Krissie to help with their individual development.  When Graduation Shows are held, students have the opportunity to gain experience in front of an audience, as well as show their family and friends some of the skills they have learnt.  VIPs from the advertising industry are invited to judge the shows and in doing so have the chance to see our wonderful range of young talent with a view to being used in TV commercials, press ads and parades.

Jazz/Hip-Hop Dance Classes
These classes can help to further develop coordination skills, are great fun and very good exercise.  Most age groups are catered for.  Students attend only 1 class a week so they are not too demanding on time and energy and offer a perfect outlet for a student's creativity and expression, as well as providing the opportunity of performing in shows and promotions.



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