Vocational Education High School Training Programs  


Informative courses designed for Teenagers preparing to embark on a world of job interviews and careers .

         These courses are conducted by Krissie Westwood who shares over 20 years of experience of teaching  modelling, grooming, deportment and television and press casting  to 1000's of young West Australians, many have now gone on to prosperous careers in a variety of fields. These courses offer an insight to the students into the world of jobs, job interviews and beginning a new career. These unique positive self improvement courses are designed to teach young people real life skills, giving them an edge over the competitive job market.

These courses can be tailored to your own requirements.

A Basic four hour Seminar

1/  Skills in Grooming, Deportment and Presentation

2/  How to prepare a Resume

3/  How to apply for Jobs.

4/  Learn what employers are looking for in new employees.

Win That Interview

         Having  conducted these courses for many years for Private and Public Schools with great success Krissie has been able to help prepare students for the next big step in their life, on the right is a example of a seminar that covers all the basics that will help students understand  what is required and how to go about making a good first impression on the day.

The example below is how a course can be structured for your schools particular requirements .

1a. Grooming and Deportment

1b. Personal Hygiene

1c. Positive Attitudes

2a. Preparing for an Interview

2b. Work Experience

2c. Dressing for the occasion (What to wear and just as important what not to wear).

Lunch Break

3a. Interview Role playing

3b. Communication Skills.

4.   Personal Appraisals (With Krissie)

Courses are held in our state of the art studio in Balcatta. 

Krissie can be contacted on 08 93444048

Hi Krissie

Earlier this year your team of people put together an introductory presentation on how to best present oneself for employment, social events, etc - this was originally organised by Damien from Rockingham SHS.

The day was such a success for Safety Bay students we would like the opportunity to participate again next year.  The sections on:  First Impressions, Interview Techniques, etc were outstanding.  The photo shoot was the icing on the cake - we have used those photos for many a promotion.

Our preferred days are: 

Group 1    Thursday
Group 2    Friday
Group 3    Friday


Lynn Francis

Manager, Vocational & Career Education

Safety Bay Senior High School

Malibu Road


Ph:       9527 0258