Franchising Opportunity

At Krissie Westwood we have built an excellent reputation for our range of services over many years.  Our success is a direct result of our commitment to servicing the needs of our students.  Through franchising we now have a way of passing on our expertise, knowledge and business system to people who share similar business and personal values.

At Krissie Westwood we are charged with the responsibility of looking after life’s most precious possessions: children.  We take that responsibility very seriously and are looking for like-minded people who enjoy the challenge and journey, as much as we do.

The Student is number one and our entire business system is aimed at meeting their needs better.  The aim of the academy is to give the student a life changing experience that will make a positive difference in the lives of, not only the student but also in the lives of their friends, parents and employers who they come into contact with.

Our level of Student Service can make or break our business reputation therefore it is imperative that all franchisees & tutors understand the importance of such and deliver the level of professionalism & integrity that is required to ensure the ongoing development and success of the franchise network in the future.

If you choose to take part in this business opportunity, your efforts in this area will be rewarded in not only building a better business but also creating a culture & business atmosphere that is contagious and leaves all parties energized and having a better working lifestyle.

Business will be fun, encouraging and life changing, reflecting all of the values that we stand for:

Developing Self-Esteem & Confidence that lasts a lifetime! ©

If this sounds like you, we would welcome your further enquiry.


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